Save money with a website

The cost of printing really cuts into the budget of any business but when it comes to a restaurant where menu items are constantly changing and being updated, the cost can really hurt. With a website, the costs are cut dramatically. With print, you not only have to pay for new menus, you have to pay to mail them out to area business and residents. Having your menu online is the cheapest and quickest way to reach all those hungry people! Making changes is a much easier process than re-doing print.

Be sure to add your website address to everything. Business cards, newspaper ads…even on the menu board inside your restaurant, are great places to post it! If you have a sign outside that you can post to, add it to that! Give as many customers as you can the website address so it will be readily available when they are looking to order food or choosing a place to go to dine-in.

There is nothing worse when you want a specific type of food or a price range you need to stay within, and not knowing what the restaurant has to offer. How embarrassing to be seated at a table, handed a menu and see food you don’t like or can’t eat or prices you can’t afford?

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New Business Start Up Needs

Logo Design

You have a name, a place and a product or service. It’s time to choose a logo for your new company. This is important to the brand imaging process of your business. When we see the golden arches, we know what restaurant/company that is. When we see mouse ears, only one name comes to mind. The NBC Peacock and the Eye of CBS…all are brand imaging logos. Give your company a logo design that will represent you and when it is seen, people will know it is your company.


Now that you have your logo, it is time to get it seen and to let the world know who you are and that you are in business! A website is the best way to get you an online presence 24/7 and will give potential customers information they need to make a decision on which company to choose. Do not let your competors have an edge on you.

Business Cards

Business cards are a great way to distribute your name, contact info and what it is you have to offer. Give them out to everyone you meet with, include one when mailing out materials, invoice/billing, etc. Magnetic business cards are a great idea. Customers can put them on their fridge or pc at the office for quick referfence to get in touch with you. Its perfect for restaurants, cleaning services, electricians, plumbers…anyone who provides a service or product should have their contact info readily available and business cards are an affordable way to do this. The more you give them out, the more people who will have your business info in hand!

Acro Design can provide all of this for you. You and your company deserve a unique and custom brand image that will enable you to standout and give customers reason to choose what you have to offer!

Restaurant Menus Online

We all know that in an economy like we have today, we have to come up with ways to get our business name out there and bring in more sales. One way to do this is to have an online presence. If you don’t have a website for your business, you may be losing business to your competitors. In this high tech age, customers can research 24/7 on their laptops, desktops and iPhones. Many of us make restaurant choices by looking at their menus online. Pricing, food selections, location….all very important when we are looking for a place to dine or to order take-out.

It’s approaching lunchtime in the office. We hear it all the time….anyone want something from “Local Eatery”? Sitting at our desks we type in the name of the restaurant on our computer, take a look at the menu and let the co-worker know what to pick up for us. We give them the money up front because we found out ahead of time how much it will cost by looking at the online menu. Many offices, unless the restaurant is well known and already frequented, will not order for the group if they don’t know what the restaurant has to offer. It’s an easy and convenient way to order for a large group.

While I am not totally putting down websites that will scan your menu and post it on their site, I do not recommend it as the only way to post your restaurant’s information. Having your own website, your own domain name and separating yourself from the rest, has an advantage over your competitors, especially those who don’t have a website of their own. It is an opportunity to show potential customers who you are, what you look like and what you have cooking!

A website is like having an online brochure. Display your restaurants interior and exterior, food items, maybe show off your staff, offer coupons and specials. Entice diners to come to you! Give reason to choose you!

Acro Design can help you. We can design a website and get you posted quickly and professionally. A unique and customized website is affordable and necessary. You can’t afford not to be online.

Designing websites on a budget

There is an old saying….you get what you pay for. That applies to website design companies, too. It’s important to look for the company that has the best portfolio and best value for the price.

You want your website to stand out more than your competitors. Looking like them is not a good idea. That being said, it doesn’t mean you have to spend more money. You just want to have a customized and informative site that will give potential customers reason to do business with you.

How many pages should your website have? Some pages that are important to consider having are: Home, About Us, Products/Services,  Portfolio, Testimonials, FAQs, Contact Us. Adding a Blog is another good way of bringing people to your site.  Do you want online forms or payment processing?

Take a look at websites Acro Design has done for businesses. Click here to get ideas of what may fit your budget and style.

Websites for small business

Tell them all about YOU!

A website is one of the cheapest and most effective ways to advertise your company. When people are looking for a restaurant, photographer, contractor, etc., they search the internet to compare menus, services, experience, location, hours of operation and contact information. It is where many make their decision on who they will choose.

We will obtain your domain name and hosting for you for 1 year and is renewable yearly. We work with you to design your pages and get you up and running. That’s how easy it is! We charge per page so it is very affordable…you choose what your budget can afford. It can be a simple website or add features like flash or video.

At Acro Design we do not use templates. Your pages are designed unique to the feel & look you want. No two are alike.

Check out our website, for samples of what we can do for you! We are the website designers in New Hampshire and beyond to call when you want a unique and customized design.

How do I design my Business Website? What information should I include on my website?

Business websites are not just like any other sites. Companies make them to reach a lot of prospective customers locally and around the world. You want them customers to know why they should choose you over someone else.

First & foremost…

Your website must look professional…it reflects on your company’s image.

Design, Colors and Images

These three are also important for every business website. Business websites should have an easy to use design and all of your products and services should be easy to find. If the potential customer doesn’t find all of the important information about all of your products or services then they will just leave the site and visit a competitor’s site.

You should use images, colors and a design that have something to do with you, your business and products.

1) About Us Page This page is very important. You should have it on your business website and write detailed information in it. You should write about your company background, when you started it, who started it, and if possible the pictures and names of your company. Awards, Affiliations, Memberships or any other information that shows your strengths, training or experience are important to mention.

Many time people want to learn more about your company before they can do business with you

By having this page on your business website potential customers will find the answers to their questions on it. Many people will move on to another company’s website if they don’t learn enough about your company.

2) Services Page Let potential customers know what services you can provide to them. It is important that they know what they can get from you and reasons to why choose you over another company.

3) Gallery Page Use this page to display your work, procedures or products. If a customer can see what they can expect from your company, it makes their choice many times, easier.

4) Contact Us Page Customers and potential customers want to be able to contact your company by email, mail, telephone and fax etc. There are some people who would rather phone you than to send an email to you because they just want to get quick answers instead of waiting for an email reply. For that reason make sure you have a detailed contact us page on your business website.

Other important Pages we suggest in addition to those listed above

Restaurants should include a Menu Page Customers like to be able to see what type of food you have and pricing. It is important to either limit the menu to a few selections or have different pages to break up the length. Categorize food.

Daycare Centers should consider Staff and Programs Pages Children can be shown by parents who will be caring for them before they go to their new school…. It is a great way to transition them for the big day!

A Testimonial Page is a good way of getting positive commentary out to potential customers.

A Products Page and maybe even a Pricing Page can be helpful in some types of business.

It is important to remember that most people prefer easy and quick navigation. Anything too complex can be frustrating and cause them to move on to another website. But it is important to give them as much information as you can about your company. Put yourself in their place and what you may ask when you are looking to hire a company or purchase a product. Choose your pages and content carefully and your website will be like having an online brochure!

Why Every Business Should have a Website

The year is 2010 and you want your business information to reach as many people as you can. The days of opening up a printed phone book have pretty much gone and the internet has replaced it… providing the world with quick information and answers to many questions they may have. With the ownership of iPhones, wireless laptops and the Blackberry, if you are in need of a service, it is as easy as a click away.

Don’t let your company lose business because you don’t have a website!

It is advertising that’s available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, in every corner of the globe. When you look at it like that, it’s the most cost-effective advertising you’ll ever have!

You are on the road and want to find a restaurant and want to know ahead of time location, hours they are open, menu selection and pricing. Your car breaks down and you need to find someone to repair it. You want to hire someone to repair your home appliances, landscape your yard, fix your leaking pipes….

If you aren’t on the web, you have a good chance of losing potential business!

Acro Design can provide you with a brand Image/logo design, professional looking website and business cards. With these key ingredients, it will enable you to get important information out to potential customers and added exposure for your business. We will work with you to come up with a design that will best represent you and your company.

This is the start!

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