New Business Start Up Needs

Logo Design

You have a name, a place and a product or service. It’s time to choose a logo for your new company. This is important to the brand imaging process of your business. When we see the golden arches, we know what restaurant/company that is. When we see mouse ears, only one name comes to mind. The NBC Peacock and the Eye of CBS…all are brand imaging logos. Give your company a logo design that will represent you and when it is seen, people will know it is your company.


Now that you have your logo, it is time to get it seen and to let the world know who you are and that you are in business! A website is the best way to get you an online presence 24/7 and will give potential customers information they need to make a decision on which company to choose. Do not let your competors have an edge on you.

Business Cards

Business cards are a great way to distribute your name, contact info and what it is you have to offer. Give them out to everyone you meet with, include one when mailing out materials, invoice/billing, etc. Magnetic business cards are a great idea. Customers can put them on their fridge or pc at the office for quick referfence to get in touch with you. Its perfect for restaurants, cleaning services, electricians, plumbers…anyone who provides a service or product should have their contact info readily available and business cards are an affordable way to do this. The more you give them out, the more people who will have your business info in hand!

Acro Design can provide all of this for you. You and your company deserve a unique and custom brand image that will enable you to standout and give customers reason to choose what you have to offer!

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