New or Classic ~ Does it matter?

We attended a couple of Classic Auto Shows over the last few weeks, well, what we thought would have been “classics”. Much to our surprise, there were many new model cars there as well. Some were driven there, some were hauled on a flatbed, some were housed in an enclosed trailer hitched to a truck. As we walked up and down the rows of what turned out to be 100’s of cars, we watch the owners “care” for their own in very different ways and it didn’t really matter what make, model or year they were as to what type of care they were each giving their car. This is what we found very interesting. Some had out the softest of soft cloths with some type of spray and were making sure there wasn’t a fingerprint or speck of dirt or dust to be found. From the top to the bottom, front to back, including the tires and rims….spotless! Inside the vehicle was exactly the same way. Then there were others that were very dirty, showed the trip to the event must have been a long one! The owners sat in their comfy lawn chairs in a circle with a group of what appeared to be friends made along the way that meet up at each event where ever they may be and just “bring the cars along”. To them, the real priority is more of a social gathering of friends. As we continued along the way, row after row, it was more of the same. There were vehicles from 1940 that looked flawless and 2 chairs sitting beside it with what could be the original owners! Others that were the same model but newer, rusted and neglected.
I guess the point I am trying to make is that as we observed and even took some time to speak to many of the owners, some were diehard collectors and others were there because it was a fun thing to do and a great way to meet new people in many areas of the country.
We spoke with some of the owners about Premium Shield, our clear vinyl rock protection product and just as we thought we would, we got many different views on the thought of applying it to their “classic” auto. Those who were very particular about the care of the car….no way! In fact, they didn’t even drive their cars. It would take away from the “value” to put miles on it, add or take away anything that it did or did not come with. Those that had beat up cars…yup, you guessed it…nah, who cares what it looks like…but those who drove their autos, cared for them and wanted to retain the value for possibly selling it at some point, they either had already had a similar product applied to it or they set up an appointment with us to have it done.
SO which category do you fit in?