How do I design my Business Website? What information should I include on my website?

Business websites are not just like any other sites. Companies make them to reach a lot of prospective customers locally and around the world. You want them customers to know why they should choose you over someone else.

First & foremost…

Your website must look professional…it reflects on your company’s image.

Design, Colors and Images

These three are also important for every business website. Business websites should have an easy to use design and all of your products and services should be easy to find. If the potential customer doesn’t find all of the important information about all of your products or services then they will just leave the site and visit a competitor’s site.

You should use images, colors and a design that have something to do with you, your business and products.

1) About Us Page This page is very important. You should have it on your business website and write detailed information in it. You should write about your company background, when you started it, who started it, and if possible the pictures and names of your company. Awards, Affiliations, Memberships or any other information that shows your strengths, training or experience are important to mention.

Many time people want to learn more about your company before they can do business with you

By having this page on your business website potential customers will find the answers to their questions on it. Many people will move on to another company’s website if they don’t learn enough about your company.

2) Services Page Let potential customers know what services you can provide to them. It is important that they know what they can get from you and reasons to why choose you over another company.

3) Gallery Page Use this page to display your work, procedures or products. If a customer can see what they can expect from your company, it makes their choice many times, easier.

4) Contact Us Page Customers and potential customers want to be able to contact your company by email, mail, telephone and fax etc. There are some people who would rather phone you than to send an email to you because they just want to get quick answers instead of waiting for an email reply. For that reason make sure you have a detailed contact us page on your business website.

Other important Pages we suggest in addition to those listed above

Restaurants should include a Menu Page Customers like to be able to see what type of food you have and pricing. It is important to either limit the menu to a few selections or have different pages to break up the length. Categorize food.

Daycare Centers should consider Staff and Programs Pages Children can be shown by parents who will be caring for them before they go to their new school…. It is a great way to transition them for the big day!

A Testimonial Page is a good way of getting positive commentary out to potential customers.

A Products Page and maybe even a Pricing Page can be helpful in some types of business.

It is important to remember that most people prefer easy and quick navigation. Anything too complex can be frustrating and cause them to move on to another website. But it is important to give them as much information as you can about your company. Put yourself in their place and what you may ask when you are looking to hire a company or purchase a product. Choose your pages and content carefully and your website will be like having an online brochure!

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