Spring Cleaning

I have been searching for companies to call on to see if maybe they would like to freshen up their websites. I come across way too many sites that are out of date with the information given on it. Many have phone numbers that no longer are in service. There are sites that announce Christmas party specials….from 3 yrs ago! Some companies have relocated and the address is incorrect. Staff comes and goes, they should be removed from your website. If a potential customer goes looking for you, they need to find an up-to-date website.

Gas prices have risen so high, many people are being very conservative. They can’t be driving around in their cars to go to places they may find are no longer there or not what they expected. In order to cut down on expenses, Google searches are used to narrow the list of who they will call for service, what restaurant they will dine at or what store carries the book they are looking for. More and more with the tough economy, online shopping and searches have become the norm. If you can’t be found in that search, you are invisible and will lose out on new business.

Spring is a great time to get a refresh on your website. A clean, new look…a professional looking and informative website is a good idea to promote your business with the new season approaching. The iPhone has almost eliminated the use of phone books.

New season, new look, new ideas! Let us help you with that, so you can do the rest of your spring cleaning!